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Custom Plastic Moulding Services

Complete Plastic Services is a privately owned company, which was formed by Jack Degan and Kevin Scanes, to primarily manufacture and market Veterinary dosing products. We currently supply to leading Veterinary companies, both in Australia and overseas.

Our range consists of Dial-A-Dose plastic syringes for the Equine Industry – ranging in size:- 60ml, 36ml and 32ml. Syringes are supplied assembled with dosage measurements printed directly onto the plunger. In addition to the Dial-A-Dose syringe we have a range of plastic syringes for the oral dosing of cats and dogs, and syringes for the treatment of mastitis in pigs.

Since our early days we have managed the design and manufacture of products for the food and confectionery industry and in 1991 formed International Moulded Plastics to service the custom injection moulding industry.

We pride ourselves on tackling the difficult projects that others steer away from.

Our motto is "Lets make it in Australia". We support Australian business, even if it means financially assisting viable innovation.

Our range of services include: