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Plastic Injection Moulders Since 1991

Plastic Injection Moulding Company

International Moulded Plastics Pty Ltd evolved as the result of a partnership between our existing directors. Jack Degan comes from a background in the plastic industry which dates back over thirty years. Kevin Scanes has had over twenty years experience in sales and marketing in the plastic industry. Together they formed the plastic products manufacturing company, IMP, in 1991.

They purchased their own factory in 1996. The company has continued to expand with the major part of the business flowing from commercial and industrial clients. The directors are involved in all levels of the business – taking concepts from the design stage to development, tooling and finally manufacture. IMP has a long history of taking an idea from concept through development, to manufacture. 

IMP currently runs 15 injection moulding machines. The plant and equipment allows the company to manufacture a wide range of products.

IMP develops products for a large range of industries including:

IMP simplifies your manufacturing process by providing a full range of associated services.

These services include:

IMP has a Quality Control Management System and is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accredited. The Directors have resolved to continually review procedures, processes and marketing to ensure growth and our commitment to Quality Control.